Why Are Chillies Beneficial For Caterers?

30 July 2020
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One of the obvious reasons that catering firms should buy chilli flakes and fresh chillies from professional growers is that the flavour will be markedly superior to the sorts of peppers you can obtain in supermarkets. Of course, when you buy chilli products to add to the food you will prepare and serve, you will want the heat that these plants are associated with. However, superior chillies have a greater depth of flavour that you cannot obtain from many retail outlets. This will make your cooking taste more authentic and make it stand out from the sort of thing that your clients will cook for themselves at home. If you want to know why you should buy professionally grown chillies for reasons other than their flavour, then read on.

Metabolism Is Boosted

When high-quality chillies are added to food, they don't just give a boost to the flavour, but they can also increase the metabolism of the person eating them. This is a good thing for caterers who buy chilli oil or flakes because it means that their food can be marketed as healthier. After all, foods which suppress the metabolic rate of people will tend to add to problems like obesity. Look to buy chillies with a high capsaicin content since this is the thing that will be of the most benefit when you want to promote the metabolism of people.

High Vitamin Content

When you buy a chilli that has been commercially grown for the mass market, it will not necessarily be as high in vitamins as it should be. This sometimes comes down to the rapid growth cycles used in intensive farming. Locally produced market garden chillies that are grown outside rather than in hothouses, on the other hand, tend to be jam-packed with vitamin C and vitamin A. Again, this means that your spicy food will be healthier than it otherwise would have been.

Even Flavour Distribution

Caterers need to produce food in larger quantities than amateur cooks, whether they run a restaurant or a mobile catering service. This means that spikes in flavour intensity are undesirable since two clients eating the same dish may get very different experiences. For this reason, it is best to buy chilli products from market gardeners where the intensity of the flavour of the foodstuff is likely to be much more evenly produced. 

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